Where’s my 4D chess: Everyone gets a car!

Capital ships have been complained about since the dawn of the first dreadnaughts. It’s a touchy subject, with most discourse devolving into polarised straw-man arguments: those “with” capitals proclaiming that the naysayers should adapt, those “without” shouting back that capitals are massively overpowered. Like most modern real-world politics, both sides are so angrily stuck to […]

CSM 2020 – Lowsec Candidate

Hello, I’m Phantomite from Same Great Taste. I live in lowsec and I engage in solo, small gang, and mid-scale pvp. I have made a series of celebrated pvp videos showcasing mid to large scale fleet combat called Fishbowl. I have played eve non-stop since 2007, starting instantly down a pvp path. I learned to […]