Where’s my 4D chess: Jobs for all or jobs for one?

The only way to win against larger numbers in eve is to be smarter. Smarter with your fittings and ship choices, smarter with your tactics and smarter with your on-field piloting.

Delegating specialised roles among pilots allows people to focus and perform much more efficiently – this is no big secret and has been the lynchpin of any fleet trying to punch above its weight since the beginning.

The introduction of Support and tackle fighters, Capital neuts, High Angle Weapons, Long Range Heavy Fighters, Capital Cap Boosters and 3200s has decimated meaningful subcap and cap interplay.

It would be so in the past that capital ships were still very effective killing machines – but only when they had adequate and well organised subcapital support for tackling, webbing and neuting.

Tackling to stop your targets getting away, webbing to make them trackable, and neuting to shut off enemy tanking modules – and a key vulnerability to being neuted out in the case of 3200s.

With the introduction of all those new abilities, capitals become simply better than subcaps.

The way it had been in the past added a new layer of complexity to eve, which, when executed intelligently, made capitals a fantastic force multiplier.

The effective gutting of such interplay simply elevated capital ships to the only ships that matter in large scale engagements.

They can apply damage by themselves, they can tackle and web by themselves and they can neut by themselves.

I am definitely of the opinion that capital and supercapital ships should very well be able to kill subcapitals – I just beleive that they should require intelligent subcapital support to be as effective as they currently are. CCP gave capitals the ability to operate with comparable ease on a plane that is untouchable by subcaps – and in doing so outright removed one of the few areas that smarter pilots could gain an upper hand against larger numbers.