Why did you quit Eve? The results: Part one


So, here we are. One failed CSM campaign later, and 1700+ results of the big survey.

In case you’re out of the loop, you can see the reddit thread here.


There is no way I am done trying to pull Eve out of the pit of ever growing doom. For those of you who dislike my style and opinions, sucks to be you I guess but for the hundreds who do – I’m not giving up on the game or you, the players who have been forced out of the game due to… well, a lack of game to play.


What follows is a series of charts showing the breakdown of each question in a relatively basic way. I hope that members of the community will be able to draw out more detailed information on the difference in opinion between different demographics.

What isn’t listed here is the 1,100+ comments, many of which are hugely detailed. Here’s a character count tally from the comments section:

As you can see, Eve online is a concept so great that even people who are no longer playing have strong feelings for what they’ve lost over the last five years.


Why have I asked for answers to this question?

Quite frankly, the straightforward, painful questions I have asked, I believe CCP are not asking. I don’t know why they won’t do a survey like this themselves, but to be fair to them I do have one suspicion: perhaps CCP wouldn’t be able to get answers to these questions? Perhaps it takes one pissed off dedicated player to be the right person the community is wiling to answer.

Whatever the reason, I now have results, and so do CCP. I don’t have any doubt that they will read it, in fact I beleive they are at least curious as to the answers.

This data is in CCP’s hands, and now it is also (sans names and comments) in your hands too.


You can see what CCP is seeing. You have directly delivered your uncensored answers to CCP’s eyes.

This time you know they have seen it and you will now be able to see first hand if they act decisively upon it or not.

No more broken lines of communication, no more obfuscating layer between the sentiment of the community and the people who steer Eve’s development.


Interesitng note: this indicates that the minimum claimed account numbers of people who have stopped playing is a total of 6,470. That’s a lot of money! This, and other charts exclude any custom answers.


For this question, the participants could pick as many answers as they liked.

One reason some of these charts are presented with totals rather than percentages is so that you can see the sheer number of players who ticked serious issues. Players could tick as many as they saw fit in this question.

What is not suprising to me here is that there are so many quit players who hate Citadel gameplay, something I have done and can talk at huge length about.


I hope to be able to post further initial charts in a part two.


Thank you to a whole squad of fascinated capsuleers who have assisted with charts and who are now also looking for interesting questions to ask of the data.