Phantomite 2021 – Lowsec is still here and so am I

Hello to the Eve online community! I’m here, again, to continue my crusade for consistent, smart conflict design and against abandoned, stale mechanics that have not been iterated upon as the game changed around them.

I’m not happy to have lowsec ignored as it has been for years – FW, meaningful conflict generators and the lack of personal income sources that don’t force group consolidation are at the top of my list of passions.

I’ve lived in lowsec for most of my career. It’s very much my home, though I do have plenty of experience from times spent in a few nullsec groups – smaller scale fleet action is where I feel most at home.


My depth of knowledge and quality of experience, life and death, in lowsec make me suitable for this position. This suitability and my championing of important, neglected causes was what got me into the CSM last year. This year, I have an extra advantage: A year’s experience in conversing with CCP, getting to know who to ask which questions, building connections and experience in communicating with the community about what developments have been discussed.

Even more importantly, I want to keep the same pressures on CCP regarding the dire need for lowsec regeneration. I don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made in helping the developers to understand what makes lowsec unique, what used to make it fantastic and what needs to change to regenerate the hive of varied activity it once was.


I’m driven by my displeasure with the current state of the game, so I will not offer a vague promise to bring anything from anyone, but I will continue to advocate strongly for the areas I seek to give voice.


I’m an independent candidate, who gives a rare point of view to CCP not dictated by powerblocs or shaped by politics.


Please do join my discord server to speak to me any time –

I will happily speak with groups or individuals from any part of the universe in DMs or on voice. Send me a message any time and I will get back to you to discuss your combat, lowsec, or my suitability for the CSM.


If you would like to read things I have written or watch PvP videos I have made in the past, please check out my website at

And my youtube playlist which includes a combat video made only a few weeks ago: