Voting starts tomorrow. Here’s my recommended ballot.

This is my recommended ballot for tomorrow. Vote for me and vote early! I will try and provide a suitable clickable link tomorrow. Thank you.


Let’s bring this dissatisfaction to CCP, they do NOT get time off from the message.

Phantomite -High and Low-level ship balance and overall PvP meta candidate, with a focus on Lowsec and small-mid scale, but with strong experience across the board. One year on the CSM as the added head start, and causes already being worked on.

Suitonia -Pure PvP expert with insight into tiny details. Suitonia has for years demonstrated extremely high expertise in combat in multiple shapes and sizes.

Dr Spodumain -Spod is an unusual choice on first glance, but in my conversations with him, he exclusively looks beneath the upper layers of problems in key areas of the game to see what’s really wrong. Confident and able to put his thoughts into words, he could have a great imapct on the CSM.

White 0rchid -White has demonstrated a level headed, unbiased view of what things need to be changed in eve.

Arsia Elkin -Arsia is the first Lore-driven candidate that I have met who understands the actual game that goes hand in hand with the story. A combination of love for the story of Eve and the in-space content she can deliver gets her a well deserved place on this ballot.

Rixx Javix -Rixx has clear areas of the game he wishes to pursue, notably faction warfare. His communication with CCP would give him an edge on the message-delivery front.

Stitch Kaneland -Stitch has extensive experience of small gang pvp

Mike Azariah -Mike is the nicest person who ever logged into eve online.

Yes, this is not 10 people, I know. Vote as you wish, if you want to use my ballot, do fill in the remaining two.