Moonshot Corner: Impossible Ideas from a parallel universe

Hello everyone!

Here are the first fun ideas that, for one reason or another are not practical – but are fun to consider as an imagination exercise.

NOTE: this is not a proposal, just entertainment. Creative thought can spark fresh ideas that may lead to workable REAL proposals.


  • Faction import taxes

Concept: Ships of a faction other than the one the market is located in have a 20% mandatory sales tax added. for instance, a Megathron sold in Dodixie would be available for normal price. The same megathron listed for sale in Jita would be 20% more expensive to purchase.

Flavour added to Eve: Regional favouring of purchases, leading to the viable growth of new hubs and encouraging production to be more spread throughout the empires.

Why it’s impossible: It would just make shopping more of a chore – no-one would favour doctrines native to their home to keep costs down.


  • Contraband spacecraft

Concept: Empire faction ships are ruled to be NOT legal for capsuleer usage, and are banned from High security space as piloted ships, cargo and the market. Pirate faction craft are banned from ALL empire markets, including lowsec.

Flavour added to Eve: Low security space hubs would be the only viable way for Empire faction ships to be traded and used, giving a new reason for fresh hubs to spring up. Edge systems in nullsec would become the go-to places to procure illegal pirate faction craft.

Why it’s impossible: Faction and pirate ships have become too nessesary in day to day PvP, and are no longer rare items – shopping would become a chore.