CSM 2020 – Lowsec Candidate

Hello, I’m Phantomite from Same Great Taste. I live in lowsec and I engage in solo, small gang, and mid-scale pvp. I have made a series of celebrated pvp videos showcasing mid to large scale fleet combat called Fishbowl.

I have played eve non-stop since 2007, starting instantly down a pvp path. I learned to play by making friends with other like-minded players, slowly advancing in scale of both ships and fleets. I have long experience with the mechanics of low security space, though I have spent significant time in null, in both medium and large groups such as 0utbreak, PL – though most of my career has been in lowsec with Snuff Box, which grew to be the core of Snuffed Out.

During my years as a Snuff Box director, I became deeply involved in the strategic operation of the corp and later the alliance, and I am a competant on-field tactician, taking on target calling and FC roles.

More recently I take on the same responsibilities in Same Great Taste, an alliance born from No Handlebars which I also spent significant time in.

I have an intuitive understanding of ships and fittings, optimising and creating doctrines for the alliances I have been part of, which have seen great success and miserable failure once tested on the field.

I will be following this post up with further posts about specific areas that I feel desperately need attention, addition, removal or fine tuning to make lowsec an exciting place again for small, mid and large scale content.