REAL CHANGE – Campaign video

Thank you, readers for sticking with me as I push for actual changes to Eve. Here’s my campaign trailer. Your posts on reddit, your replied on my eveonline forum thread and your spread to friends and like minded pilots are all vital to making this happen. Thank you, and let’s get this game fixed!

There’s my war: No-one wants to fight a Citadel.

This post is a follow-up to a previous post about content drivers.   On Friday, 1st May during the mid European afternoon, the unthinkable happened. In the year 2020, and in the years leading up to it, giant Dread brawls occur typically over pure bait and traps – not over any strategic objectives – at […]

Where’s my 4D chess: Everyone gets a car!

Capital ships have been complained about since the dawn of the first dreadnaughts. It’s a touchy subject, with most discourse devolving into polarised straw-man arguments: those “with” capitals proclaiming that the naysayers should adapt, those “without” shouting back that capitals are massively overpowered. Like most modern real-world politics, both sides are so angrily stuck to […]

Where’s my war: Meaningless lines on the map

I joined faction warfare just after it launched, by joining 0utbreak. Upon launch, faction warefare gave some harsh penalties to being a loser: you lost docking rights to stations in FW systems you n0 longer controlled. Sure, alts existed, markets existed and you could go and work on your standings to eventually switch sides if […]